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Dynamic Duos for Superior Salon Treatments

Written by Avry Beauty


Posted on February 09 2022

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching! We put together the perfect pairs that are guaranteed to impress and delight your clients. Show your clients some love with our dynamic duos and elevate your salon services.

Shea Butter Gloves + Shea Butter Socks

Transform manicures and pedicures from ordinary to extraordinary with our Shea Butter Gloves and Socks, the perfect add-on treatments for your spa services. These all-in-one manicure and pedicure solutions work to soften cuticles while delivering intense moisture to keep your clients’ skin soft, nourished, and hydrated. To paint the nails, cut off the tips of the gloves and socks. Your clients will be able to enjoy the boost of hydration and breathe in a calming scent while having their nails painted.

For an extra special experience, heat the gloves and socks in a towel warmer or in hot water (while in the package) to warm up your clients’ hands and feet. This also allows our feel-good vegan ingredients to penetrate faster and deeper into the skin. Our Shea Butter Gloves and Socks are available in 4 different relaxing scents: Shea Butter, Lavender, Chamomile, and Cannabis Sativa.

If you’re not using the gloves or socks during your clients’ services, you can also sell them as a salon retail item in your store. They are great for upkeep in between your clients’ appointments. Be sure to display them in a highly trafficked area, such as the checkout station or waiting area.

Disposable Mani + Pedi Kits

Our Disposable Mani and Pedi Kits make manicures and pedicures easier and cleaner than ever! These kits contain everything you need to prep for a manicure and pedicure, including 100% disposable tools and waterless gloves and socks for a hygienic salon service.

To prep the nails, use the cuticle stick to push back cuticles and carefully clean underneath the nails. Use the included nail file to file nails in clients’ preferred shape and length. The nail buffer helps to smooth away rough surfaces and bring out the nails’ natural shine. Shea Butter Gloves and Socks work wonders to soothe, nourish, and repair dry, cracked hands and feet. Cut off the tips to paint the nails, and don’t forget to use the disposable towel to wipe the nails clean or remove existing nail polish.

With disposable tools, there is never a chance of cross-contamination between clients. Your clients will have peace of mind knowing their manicure and pedicure treatments are safe and hygienic. Our Mani and Pedi Kits are available in Lavender, Shea Butter, and Chamomile to help your clients unwind.

Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath + 4 Step Pedi Kit

Our Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath and 4 Step Pedi Kit make the perfect pair. Begin your pedicure service with a luxurious jelly foot soak that delivers heat and aromatherapy to soothe and relieve tired, sore feet.

Follow the jelly spa bath with the 4 Step Pedi Kit, which includes pre-packaged salt soak, sugar scrub, cream mask, and massage cream for the most relaxing spa treatment. The salt soak detoxifies and deodorizes feet, the sugar scrub exfoliates dead skin, the cream mask deeply cleanses to remove impurities, and the massage cream hydrates and nourishes skin. Our Gel-Ohh! jelly spa pedicures and 4 Step Pedi Kits are infused with natural extracts to cater to every skin concern. Your clients’ skin will feel silky soft and renewed. Shop a variety of scents to cater to your clients’ mood!