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Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil: What it is & Why Your Clients Will Love It

Written by Avry Beauty


Posted on January 17 2022

Although there is often a stigma or fear associated with hemp-derived ingredients, cannabis sativa seed oil is a miracle worker for the skin. Cannabis sativa seed oil–not to be confused with hemp oil, which refers to all oils from hemp plants that can contain cannabinoids–is frequently used in skincare products, as well as food products due to its various skin and health benefits. Learn more about cannabis sativa seed oil and how you can use our products to treat your clients to a relaxing spa experience. We can’t get enough of it, and we know your clients will love it, too!

What is Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil?

Cannabis sativa seed oil is an herbaceous oil derived from cold-pressed hemp seeds. It is naturally green in color and contains vitamins, minerals, and up to 90% omega fatty acids to deeply nourish skin. Since it is made from the stalks and seeds of the plant, it has less than 0.3% THC, which makes it non-psychoactive. Cannabis sativa seed oil is considered safe to use from the FDA, and it is completely legal.

What are the benefits of Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil?

1. Strengthens Skin Barrier
When the skin barrier is stronger, it helps the skin to retain moisture longer. Cannabis sativa seed oil also promotes skin growth and new cell generation.

2. Soothes Skin
Cannabis sativa seed oil is known for its calming properties and provides relief for stressed-out skin.

3. Protects from Free Radicals
Cannabis sativa seed oil is packed with antioxidants to protect skin from environmental damage, such as UV rays and pollution.

4. Locks in Moisture
This powerful ingredient relieves dry skin and provides long-lasting hydration.

5. Reduces Tension
It eases muscle aches and assists with relaxation, as well as improves the mood.

6. Smooths Skin
It acts as an emollient to smooth rough textures on the skin’s surface. Cannabis sativa seed oil also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, leaving skin looking healthy and supple.

The list goes on and on! It’s no wonder why this skincare ingredient has been becoming more and more popular in recent years.

How Can You Enhance Your Manicure & Pedicure Services with Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil?

Upgrade your salon services with our variety of cannabis sativa seed oil-infused products!

Cannabis Sativa GEL-OHH! Jelly Spa Bath
The best way to start off your clients’ pedicure is with a warming, satisfying, ultra-luxurious jelly foot soak. This non-intoxicating cannabis sativa-scented jelly spa pedicure delivers an intense dose of moisture, calms skin, and helps your clients unwind. The warm jelly locks in heat to relax sore and tired feet for much-needed relief. Soothe the skin and the senses with our Cannabis Sativa Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath.

Cannabis Sativa Shea Butter Gloves & Socks
Our Cannabis Sativa Shea Butter Gloves and Socks are the perfect add-on treatments for your manicure or pedicure services. These gloves and socks are enriched with cannabis sativa seed oil and shea butter to deeply nourish and soothe dry, irritated hands and feet in a matter of minutes. Skip the lotion and let your clients feel the calming and moisturizing benefits of these hand and foot masks. For an extra pampering treatment, you can warm up the gloves in a towel warmer to keep their hands and feet nice and toasty. To paint the nails, simply cut the tips off of the gloves and socks to access the nails.

Improve your clients’ skin and mood with the help of our Cannabis Sativa Collection