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Shea Gloves & Socks 6-Pc Holiday Kit

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Gift your clients an intensely moisturizing Shea Butter treatment! 
Perfect for an at-home spa day.

These ultra-nourishing, soothing hand and foot masks are enriched with Shea Butter and pure extracts to help restore essential moisture and deeply hydrate extremely dry skin, leaving it feeling soft, smooth, and healthy-looking.

Kit includes:

  • 1 x Shea Butter Gloves 
  • 1 x Shea Gloves with Lavender

  • 1 x Shea Gloves with Chamomile
  • 1 x Shea Butter Socks
  • 1 x Shea Socks with Lavender

  • 1 x Shea Socks with Chamomile

    Wear gloves and socks on clean, dry hands and feet. Leave on for 15 minutes. Gently massage any excess lotion into skin. No need to rinse.

    An intensive care treatment for overworked hands and feet that instantly soothes extremely dry skin. Quick, easy to use, and comfortable—NO NEED for soaking water, cuticle softener, or oil and massage cream!