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Limited Edition Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath - Pineapple Breeze


Say aloha to our limited edition Gel-Ohh! scent, Pineapple Breeze. It’s back for the summer season and is new and improved with its stronger and long-lasting scent. This oh-so fruity jelly spa bath is a delicious treat for your clients’ feet and leaves them dreaming of an exotic getaway.

This spa foot soak kit features two simple steps: a jelly spa mix and a melting mineral. This jelly spa pedicure locks in heat to relax your clients’ feet and leave them feeling silky soft. Its key ingredient includes pineapple extract, which has moisturizing & soothing properties and smells of delicious pineapple.

Cannabis Sativa
Green Tea
Milk & Honey
Pearl Glow
Sweet Citrus
Tea Tree


  • The perfect summer pedicure soak.

  • The pineapple scent is now stronger and has a longer-lasting scent.

  • Watch as your clients experience complete relaxation from the heat therapy in the jelly spa mix.

  • Free of harmful chemicals or preservatives and is fully biodegradable.