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AvrySpa Starter Kit ($137 Value)

Spa Kits

Enhance your clients’ salon experience with our AvrySpa Starter Kit. It includes popular items like Shea Gloves, Shea Socks, deluxe Total Gel-Ohh! Pedi Spa Sets, and our best-selling Gel-Ohh! jelly spa pedicures. These single-use treatments are unique, fun, and affordable — proven to boost your profits. Plus, you’ll receive helpful marketing materials like posters and menus to improve your salon’s appeal. The kit is perfect for savvy professionals looking for high-quality spa care without a costly commitment.

Whether you’re new to Avry or renewing your offerings, our specially discounted AvrySpa Starter Kit is a must-have! Empower your business to succeed and elevate client satisfaction effortlessly.

This kit has all you need to kickstart your journey with AvryBeauty or revitalize your salon inventory! Check out what's included below:

52 Single-Use Spa Treatments
10 X Shea Gloves
10 X Shea Socks
16 X Total Gel-Ohh! Pedi Spa Sets
16 X Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Baths

Marketing Materials Package
2 X Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath Posters
2 X Total Gel-Ohh! Pedi Spa Set Posters
2 X Shea Gloves Posters
2 X Shea Socks Posters
4 X 4 Step Pedi Kit Menus
4 X Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath Menus

Each kit offers a variety of scents for your clients to personalize their spa experience. Elevate your spa instantly with the AvrySpa Starter Kit!

  • Empowers your salon to attract and satisfy clients better

  • Maintains excellent resale value to boost profits

  • Includes an exclusive 18% discount

  • Offers diverse,  popular items to cater to different client preferences

  • Ensures a clean, hygienic, and enjoyable client experience with its single-use treatments

  • Comes  complete with promotional materials for effective presentation