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Avryday Spa Care Kit

Whether you’re a new salon owner or just looking to refresh your menu, this kit has Avrything you need to offer quality, clean spa services to your clients. Save 15% off when you purchase this new kit that features 107 single-use treatments for your spa inventory. It also includes a variety of scents for your clients to choose from and enjoy.

The kit features everything you need to get started or refresh your inventory! It includes 107 single-use spa treatments:

  • 20 X Total Gel-Ohh! Pedi Spa Sets
  • 20 x 4 Step Pedi Kits
  • 27 X Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath
  • 20 X Shea Butter Gloves
  • 20 X Shea Butter Socks

  • Each kit comes with all scents we offer for your clients to choose from.

    Salon owners have the opportunity to restock or try a variety of clean Avry products with the Avryday Spa Care Kit. Single-use items make it easy to deliver a hygienic and enjoyable service to your clients.