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Avryday Clean Spa Starter Kit ($260 value)

Spa Kits

Looking to bring clean, unique, fun spa treatments to your salon? Whether you’re a new salon owner or simply refreshing your menu, the Avryday Clean Spa Starter Kit has Avrything you need to offer premium quality spa services to your clients. Save 22% when you purchase this starter kit that includes 107 single-use treatments for your spa inventory. Each product comes in a variety of scents to cater to your clients’ mood and needs. This kit also includes several marketing materials to educate your employees and clients about the benefits of our unique mani and pedi products.

This spa starter kit features everything you need to get started with AvryBeauty or refresh your salon inventory! It includes 107 single-use spa treatments:

20 X Total Gel-Ohh! Pedi Spa Sets
20 X 4 Step Pedi Kits
27 X Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath
20 X Shea Butter Gloves
20 X Shea Butter Socks

Marketing Materials Package
3 X Posters (Gel-Ohh!, 4 Step Pedi Kit & Total Gel-Ohh! 5 Step Pedi Spa Set)
5 X 4 Step Pedi Kit Menus
5 X Gel-Ohh! Menus

Each kit comes with all scents we offer for your clients to choose their desired experience.

Salon owners have the opportunity to restock or try a variety of clean AvryBeauty products with the Avryday Clean Spa Starter Kit. Single-use treatments make it easy to deliver a hygienic and enjoyable service to your clients.