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Limited Edition Gel-Ohh! Jelly Spa Bath - Watermelon Sugar


Your summer made sweeter with our NEW limited edition Watermelon Sugar Gel-Ohh! This vegan jelly spa pedicure soak is fresh, hydrating, and has a long-lasting watermelon scent. Available only this summer.

This jelly spa pedi locks in heat and moisture, helping to relax and moisturize your clients’ feet and give them an unforgettable pedicure experience.

Help your clients stay cool this summer with Watermelon Sugar Gel-Ohh!

Cannabis Sativa
Green Tea
Milk & Honey
Pearl Glow
Sweet Citrus
Tea Tree


  • The perfect summer pedicure soak.

  • The watermelon scent is long-lasting.

  • Watch as your clients experience complete relaxation from the heat therapy in the jelly spa mix.

  • Free of harmful chemicals or preservatives and is fully biodegradable.